Monday, 3 October 2011

Retro Mens' Knitwear Patterns

To prove we are not bias and we don’t just feature articles for the ladies, this week we’ve put together a very special article for the men.

A month ago I popped down to the coast with Natasha DeVil and we had one thing on our minds – raid the charity shops. Seems strange eh? Not quite, there is a method to our madness, London has very expensive charity shops (oxymoron) but as a lot of old people move to the coast when they retire, if you pick the right town, it’s seriously like winning the charity shop lottery.

Anyhow winter is drawing in and we were on the hunt for retro knitting patterns, thankfully we were in luck, it was like an Aladdins cave of musky clothing, 1980’s films  and thankfully knitting paraphernalia. 

Below I've picked some of my favourite images/ patterns...

Parental Advisory – whist the patterns are fab, draw your eyes in more closely to the photography it’s a thing of retro beauty and the models/ their poses are status of art. Enjoy!

Do you like? Below are some of the best patterns pages from Mon Tricot....
Ummm, haven't considered matching socks and jumper, but it is worth considering, he seems happy..
One word - Movember
This is the biggest men's cardigan I have seen in my life, I like the pattern, but the sleeves - Goodness
Notice the title Men's Fashion - I have high expectations

We’ve left the best until last – The Starsky cardigan. Yes that’s right we have the pattern, needles ready SW Craft Club are going retro this winter!!

If you’d like a copy of the patterns of any of the images, let us know we’d happily email the pattern to you. What this space for the women's patterns coming soon.....
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