SW Craft Club launched in south London in November 2010 after much frustration about having to trek to other parts of the city to learn a new craft, attend a workshop or to visit a craft market. It seemed like there were plenty of people who enjoyed doing crafts in south London, but there was no-one shouting about all the great things happening here. So that’s where we come in. 

After tonnes of research, chats with local people who were similarly irked by the lack of information about craft events, and of course, help from friends, SW Craft Club was formed to promote and unite crafters in south London. And we want you to be involved.
We think we’re a different type of club; we don’t meet up, which means you won’t miss a meeting, but we do talk (a lot!) on Twitter, our blog and Facebook. For our Twitter followers, we try our hardest to find the answers to your Tweets. And you won’t miss out if you’re not on Twitter because each week we interview local practitioners or make things ourselves and blog about it. 

We also keep our local events calendar up to date with workshops, courses and markets, so you’re only one click away from discovering your next hobby. Just so we don’t get stuck in a south London bubble, our Facebook page talks about everything crafty, we follow local heroes, highlight our favourite blog of the week and share our amazing craft finds from absolutely everywhere. 

We appreciate we are new and still growing so if you think we are missing something, please let us know. We want to hear about any good courses you’ve been on locally, any brilliant knitting patterns you’ve come across or any expert advice on quilting. We want to support local craft businesses and celebrate all the great crafty happenings in your area, so remember to drop up a line to keep us updated.

Happy Crafting X

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