Monday, 24 October 2011

SW Craft Club does Europe - France

I’m not sure if you noticed our absence this summer, but we closed for a couple of weeks, for a well deserved break. We drove to Europe for a summer road trip around France and Italy.

It was an incredible, we covered over 1000 miles and too many toll roads. Each place we visited I tried to hunt out crafts or crafts familiar to that region. Here are our best bits.

Our first stop was the Loire Valley. A region of wine and Châteaus. The largest château in the region is Château de Chambord, we popped by for a nose, the place is immense.  

Inside we found needlework, tapestry, pottery, millinery,
stone work, sculptures, artwork etc.

Second on our stop off tour was Lyon. Once famous for being Frances first city, Lyon is a bustling city full of history, tours, restaurants and modern shops, Lyon’s historical craft is weaving, namely silk and we stumbled upon a small weavers whilst we were there.
We didn’t want to leave Lyon, too much to see and too little time, hopefully one day we’ll head back! Next stop, Nice…
I was smiling from ear to ear when we arrived in Nice, as luck would have it we stumbled across a flea market and our hotel was next door to a pokey little fabric shop, which stocked the best retro fabric and prints, I was in love!
The last stop of the French leg was Champagne. Couldn’t find much craft in Champagne I’m afraid, I was too busy sampling the region’s delights.

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