Monday, 17 October 2011

Book Review: Spooning with Rosie: Food, Friendship & Kitchen Loving

Brixton deli owner Rosie Lovell ensures that her stomping ground is bigged up good and proper in this warm and helpful first cookery book.

 Divided into thematic sections like ‘Soulful Grub’ and ‘Hangover Cures’, Rosie offers up her wealth of food knowledge acquired from family and friends over the years and gives tried and tested recipes to satiate your every need

With holiday snaps and her own doodles on pages, this book feels as homely as the recipes adorning the pages. Particular favourites are her hot chicken wings which forego any lengthy marinading process and her delicious and economical muesli.

There are beautiful illustrations of food ‘partners in crime’ such as lentils and saffron and mint and peas and plenty of her food anecdotes involving the many colourful characters in her friendship group.  Recipes aren’t overly prescriptive or stuffy and any advice is given in an informed but friendly way.

Rosie’s regulars get plenty of mentions as do her fellow Brixton businesses so look out if you fit into either category. If Spooning with Rosie doesn’t rightly entice you into the bustle of Brixton, I don’t know what will. 
Thank you Rosie.

We give this book 4.5/5

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