Tuesday, 25 October 2011

SW Craft Club does Europe - Italy

After France, we crossed the boarder to Italy, best known for passion, food and wine.  
We started our Italian tour in a remote Tuscan farm house. Idyllic surroundings, vine yards and rolling hills (Agghhhh take me back there) and inside was equally heavenly. Step into this boutique hotel and you’ll be taken back with the interior, a little contemporary, lots restoration and crafts all rolled into one.

Welcome. Come inside and enjoy the decorations/ props throughout. In our room we were greeted with a crochet bed spread on a child’s bed, a pretty display of suitcases, black and white images of past movie stars, lighting shining onto a beautiful red dress hanging on the wall waiting perfectly for its owner and artwork by a local artist exhibited on an easel. 

We didn’t get to share in the imagination of the other 5 bedrooms, but other parts of the house, were equally as pleasing as our room. More crochet, a miniature spinning wheel sitting next to the fire in the living room, a retro typewriter on the coffee table, the cow bell on the front door to announce our arrival, a perched Pinocchio outside next to the seed beds, woven baskets, flowers blooming and lots of pretty knackered chairs – restored to a decorative state, fitting in perfectly to their surroundings. It was all magical. 
Whilst in Tuscany we drove to a local town. In mountainous regions in Italy we found many of the towns perched on the top of the mountains, surrounded by a fortress wall. It was quite magnificent, skinny streets, local shops, huge churches, unique architect and tiles. We stumbled across two walls of tiling, each ceramic tile handmade and different from the previous, it was an inspirational wall.

We left Tuscany for the romance of Florence. We soaked in the immense architecture, the hustle and bustle from the tourists and artists and enjoyed the galleries and David.

We’ve fallen back in love with Italy and we won’t be leaving it so long to visit again.

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