Friday, 30 September 2011

SW Craft Club Special Announcement

We have a very exciting announcement. This autumn we are launching our first newsletter - called Craft Candy (think of eye candy but craft... you get the idea) 
The ‘Craft Candy’ newsletter will feature lots of different useful bits of information each month, including blog of the week, top tweets, events, markets, workshops, competitions, blog posts and much more. 

Think of Craft Candy as SW Craft Club’s little sister, Craft Candy is slightly edgier than her big sister and as well as the newsletter, Craft Candy is going to have it’s own blog platform Craft Candy Blog a different type of blog on a Tumblr platform.  Tumblr allows Craft Candy to list all of her favourite images each week along with an upbeat sound track (best to listen to it, her music collection doesn’t usually disappoint)

Find Craft Candy easily from the blog

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook, talk to us we do talk back....

Join the club and subscribe to Craft Candy, it;'s going to be a treat into your inbox....

Don't forget, we are still a local blog and we love supporting local craft.
But to do that we still need your support. This month we applied for a £300 grant 
BUT we need 300 votes to receive the grant, please vote for us

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