Thursday, 29 September 2011

Make your Own Knickers

Hello SW Craft Clubbers, my name is Natasha and I will be your guest blogger for today. I would just like to say I am very happy to be over here at SW Craft Club as a life time South Londoner and a crafter to boot.
Today I will be reviewing Emeliana Underwear’s Make Your Own Knickers Kit where you get to make your very own pair of upcycled knickers.

The kit basically gives you everything you need including material, thread, lace and easy to follow instructions. All you need is a sewing machine, a pair of scissors and some pins.
The info sheet advises that you take a paper copy of the cut out knickers pieces so that you can make more knickers at a later date.

Firstly you will need to pin the three pieces of fabric together as per the instructions and sew together.

Despite being an experienced sewer I don’t have much experience with jersey or stretch material so as advised in the info sheet it would be wise to practise stitching on some scrap material first. The trick with stretch material I find is patience and take your time.

Then you pin your lace to the sides and waist and sew together.

Then finish of by sewing the sides together, attaching the bow (not skewiff like mine) and trim all the excess thread and voila a pair of upcycled knickers.

As an experience sewer I found this project relatively easy and a lot of fun and it only took me approximately 2 hours to complete this project. However I do believe this kit would make a great starter project for an inexperienced sewer as the instructions are easy to follow and there is a website should you need any helpful hints or need to ask any questions and as I already said it gives you all the materials you need to make the knickers.

The info sheet is full of helpful hints and tips and the whole kit is very user friendly. This would make a great gift for either an experienced or inexperienced sewer and not only that if you take the advice and copy out the pattern you can make lots more pair of knickers.

These kits come in three different styles hipster brief, bikini and shorts, sizes range from 8-18 and they only costs £12 plus £1.95 p&p for UK orders and £2.95 p&p for overseas orders and are available to order on Etsy.

For more information you can visit Emiliana Underwear

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