Friday, 14 January 2011

SW Craft Club Christmas Presents - Present 3 Pleasing Pesto

Pleasing Pesto

Before you read this, all of these comments are my own and has not been proven in any way, which means I can now make the statement that this is the ‘Perfect Pesto’. Before making the pesto I spent some time researching the best way to make pesto, i.e. Pestle & mortal or blender and which parmesan and olive oil to use etc.

Fresh basil
Extra Virgin Olive
Pine nuts
Grated parmesan
Garlic cloves
Small jars
Warning – This is a very expensive gift to make, whilst researching the pesto I worked out there isn’t any ingredient which can be bought cheaply, all have a direct effect on the next, so it is important to by good quality ingredients.
Raw Ingredients
I opted for the pestle & mortal option over the blender which required a lot more elbow grease. It is a really simple recipe - a hand full of pine nuts, a hand full of basil and a handful of parmesan, Simple!
For the mixing you start with crushing the pine nuts with the garlic and when it's mushed into a paste, add the basil, I’ve lost count of how many jars of pesto I actually made, but my aching arm muscles and the below picture tells me that I won’t be making pesto for a very long time.

This will give you an idea of the number of jars I had to fill!!

After adding the basil to the mush, transfer it to a bowl, add the salt and pepper, parmesan and olive oil and mix together, hay pesto you have the SW Christmas ‘Pleasing Pesto’.

Mix with Parmesam & Olive Oil

Finished Jars of Pleasing Pesto

Critics Comments

I can honestly say I was taken back with the positive comments I received about the little hamper of goodies, I did learn a lot, including how to save money on packaging in the future and yes I will be creating personalized gifts for next Christmas. Watch this space! SW

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