Thursday, 13 January 2011

SW Craft Club Christmas Presents - Present 2 Hot Chocolate Gorgeousness

Hot Chocolaty Gorgeousness

I absolutely loved making these gorgeous hot chocolate gifts, they are great for chocolate lovers, easy for non cooks and great fun to make with the children. I’d recommend this to anyone, maybe customise for a special occasion, I’ll be making them again.

Lolly-pop sticks
Good quality cooking chocolate, milk and white chocolate
Pretty transfer paper
Cellophane wrapper

The Chocolaty Gorgeousness on a stick, is a new way to make and enjoy hot chocolate. It is really easy to use, heat up the milk and stir in the chocolate on a stick.

They are easy to make, start by melting the chocolate, which for ease can be done in a microwave and then pour the chocolate into the moulds, I chose mini cupcake moulds, but as along as they are silicone moulds any shape can be used. Sticks can’t be put into the chocolate straight away or they will topple over.

Keep an eye on the chocolate as it sets, after 5-7minutes the chocolate will be set enough to hold the stick upright and continue to set fully, so all sticks together.
Whilst the milk chocolate is setting, melt the white chocolate, ready to be dipped into and lay out the transfer paper (I picked seasonal transfer paper, but there are lots more pretty designs which can be found at Cakes, Cookies & Crafts )

The next part of the process is just as easy, dip your milk chocolate chunks on a stick into the white chocolate and place onto the transfer paper, continue this process until all of the chocolate is used up, when completed leave on the transfer for 15minutes and I think what happens next is just magical…

Look how effective they are, you are left with a lovely Chocolaty Gorgeousness & a pretty edible print on the bottom.
Before we wrapped them into the cellophane and added them to the mini hamper, we obviously had to sample them, Ummmmm I have to say it’s the prefect remedy to a cold wintery day.

This was present number two and it is a great gift to make for all levels of crafts or cookery people.
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out the final gift tomorrow on the blog…


  1. Oh those are amazing! I think I'll try making some of these for Valentine's Day!

  2. Oh wow, these are gorge!

    Quick question - where do you get the cellophane and the transfer paper from? xx

  3. They are really great to make.

    The Cellophane can be bought from Amazon and the transfer paper from a website called Cakes, Cookies & Crafts. X

  4. I received these as a gift and they were fantastic!!! :) xxx


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