Sunday, 23 January 2011

40 things to do in 2011

I need to get positive for 2011, here are the SW 40 things to do in 2011

1.     Master cross-stitching.
2.     Start training for an Oxfam charity hike.
3.     Eat out at local restaurants.
4.     Buy less clothes in 2011, upcycle old ‘I’m running out of space’
5.     Book a 2 week summer European road trip.
6.     Actually read one of the amazing books I’ve brought from Amazon.
7.     Find out more about the boroughs in South London.
8.     Save money!
9.     Redesign the spare room.
10.  Learn to bake black forest Cupcakes.
11.  Loose weight!!
12.  Keep desk clear – ‘an empty desk is an empty mind’
13.  Keep the blog relevant and up to date for you ‘We’re trying, please bear with us’.
14.  Progress from power-walking to jogging.
15.  Make Christmas cards for 2011.
16.  Create fab competitions for our followers.
17.  Try not to let the underground annoy me during rush hour ‘people are so rude’.
18.  Weekends away are always on the menu.
19.  Buy a new laptop I will also accept gifts..
20.  Visit even more craft markets.
21.  Build a lovely talkative craft club community on Facebook.
22.  Actually start to order from my 8 page Amazon wish list.
23.  Master Photoshop.
24.  Use my gym membership.
25.  Learn to cook Macaroons.
26.  Attend more community events.
27.  Tempt the family to come over for more dinners.
28.  Continue to create homemade gifts.
29.  Get the SW website up and running.
30.  Take more photos.
31.  Read more, share more.
32.  Have lots of summer picnics
33.  Try to love thy neighbour.
34.  Spread the craft word through twitter
35.  Start cycling in London….. ‘or not. Still contemplating it!’
36.  Read Time Our more!
37.  Launch the first of the SW Craft Club pop-up community events.
38.  Learn to make Sushi.
39.  WOW! Find some time to sleep.
40.  Pamper, pamper & more pamper.. Bliss!

If you can thing of any more, let us know we’d love to hear them?

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