Monday, 25 April 2011

Make a Vintage Cake Stand Tutorial

Are you getting ready for the royal wedding celebrations? Holding a tea party? Or you just fancy getting your craft on to make something practical, inexpensive and very cute…

All you need is a spare 20 minutes, a hot glue gun or super glue and some plates and glasses of your choice. I got my plates and glasses from some local charity shops, (sherry glasses are the best as they can be so dainty)

There is only one step to make this cake stand, It really is as simple as it looks, it’s just a case of layering and gluing, layering and gluing and to add some stability to the weight turn the glasses upside down. 
Follow the images for your own unique cake stand.

Lesson learnt from making this cake stand is to measure to the middle, this stand is a little wonky!! But as I explain to people, it's obviously a design feature!

Turn the glass upside down, add glue and add the next layer of the stand

Three layers is the most weight it will take

Finished! One Cake Stand in 20 Minutes
I already had the glue, but the plates and glasses came to a grand total of £2.90. These vintage cake stands are perfect for cupcakes and sliced cakes, depending on the size of the cakes they hold around 10 cakes. 
Be imaginative, you can use odd plates, shot glasses, glass plates, saucers the list is endless.....

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  1. Your tutorial on vintage cake stand is fine and amazing ideas to create it.

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