Monday, 2 May 2011

How to Make Pretty 3D Felt Flowers Tutorial - From Red Ted Art's Blog


Felt (with natural fibres, such as wool or cotton), I did have a go with normal acrylic felt that you use for crafting with children. It DID work, but the effect was different – less whimsical maybe? But still pretty.
PVA or Wood Glue
a bed or felt bobble or a button, a hair slide or brooch.


1) Cut a circle
2) Cut petals (I did four on the small ones and 6 on the large one)
3) Apply glue to both sides of the felt (I used my finger, but you can use a brush)
4) With a brush or pen, shape the felt by folding it round the pen
5) Put to one side to dry
6) Revisit and reshape several times (I may have done this 4-5 times throughout the course of one day. If you place these under a light, with some foil underneath, it should speed up the process, so am sure you can get these done during one “TV” session)
7) Play with the different petals and buttons and see what looks nicest. I found a little pearl button that was just too cute
8 ) Sew on the button/ felt bobble and then sew onto your slide.

Finished! Your perfect felt flower in time for the summer
It's too cute not to make!
For more great craft ideas check out the website: Red Ted Art

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