Monday, 11 April 2011

West Norwood Feast - Part 2

It’s been 4 months since the very first Feast meeting, which saw the introduction of the high energy and enthusiastic team which are the Space Makers Agency and along with Lambeth council they talked through what they have planned for West Norwood to help to regenerate the area, to help give it a little bit of a cooler edge.

Over 13 weeks the local residents worked together week after week, creating and planning their local market, which many people had little or no experience of doing before, but what everyone had was a determination and common goal to make where they live more appealing, this was an amazing example of people power!

Over 91 days we saw more and more people join in on the Feast planning weekly meetings, volunteering their time over the weekendsgetting out onto the high street to talk to local people and shops owners, marketing the event and publicising the benefits it will bring to the area.

Finally after 2184 hours of preparation, on a very sunny Sunday 3rd April the Feast arrived to West Norwood. Many local residents got up early to prepare the market, setting up the stalls and assist the stall holders etc. and in short the market was a huge success. I’m not sure about everyone else but the market attracted more people than I had anticipated, local people were out in full force, supporting and shopping.  

This sort of project shows the importance of supporting and buying local but don’t take my word for it, check out all of the positive comments on the WN Feast Facebook Page

 The Artisan Market, attracted some amazing stall holders, all very diverse and made locally, cushions, candles, crochet, soaps, teddies, sunglasses, earrings, illustrations and many more...

Thankfully this isn't a one off event, the idea is that with the continued support of local people, this market has a long term future. The weekly meetings will still continue on Tuesdays from 6.30pm at the Railway Pub by Tulse Hill train station and anyone can get involved. 
Add a note to your dairy for Sunday 1st May for the next Feast. The plan is for the market to take place on the first Sunday of every month.

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  1. Thanks for including pics of my stall. it was a great day. Roll on the 1st and fingers crossed for the sun


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