Monday, 7 February 2011

West Norwood Feast - Part 1

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too “what yummy food can I get my hands on in West Norwood?” But the West Norwood Feast, isn’t solely about food, it is much, much more. The West Norwood Feast, is referring to a feast of goodies which we will hopefully be able to find in West Norwood, through a series of markets held on a monthly basis, ranging from different food, cooked and rare to arts &craft and retro goodies.

I lived in West Norwood for 4 years and for those of you who have never ventured there before or who have never stopped off when travelling onto Croydon or Crystal Palace, I recommend you park up or get off the train or bus and have a nose around. West Norwood is really underrated and it appears Lambeth council feel the same too, as they have created this project by investing in the area by bring in the Space Makers agency.  The Space Makers Agency are experienced in looking at any type of space and encourage people to rethink the use of the space, i.e. empty high street shops, disused car park spaces etc. See the artist images of how the West Nowood high street looks now and how it should look for the Feast.

The Space Makers Agency are acting as the catalysts for the West Norwood Feast project, creating the excitement and enthusiasm amongst the community and then leaving them to manage it for themselves, much like what happened with the Brixton Village project Brixton Village  I think this is a fab project for a number of reasons, it helps to regenerate the area, it brings new business to the local shop owners and by creating a new market in South London it acts as a great opportunity for the would be store sellers, who need a platform to show off their goods, for me ‘cottage industry’ springs to mind.

Who can get involved?

The great news is, is that anyone can get involved, SW Craft Club got involved because it’s in South London, it is has a great community feel and through our network of artists and craft makers we think we can spread the word and get some great interest on board the project, whether it’s behind the scenes or participating by being a stall holder.
We’re now into our 6th week and anyone can attend the Tuesday weekly meetings to find out more at any time, just contact Space Makers:  
West Norwood Feast

What’s next?
It has been agreed that the first West Norwood Feast will be held on Sunday 3rd April, we are looking for stall holders, ideally a mixture of artists and craft makers and to bring lots of different products to the area. Also if you love crafts and you have time on your hands and you’d like to get more involved get in touch, all of the contact details are below:

Ps. Remember to spread the word, there is no point complaining about an area if you don’t even bother to get involved!  About West Norwood Feast
Interested in being a stall holder?

We are currently compiling a list of  potential stall holders, at the moment all we need from you are:
  1.  You contact details
  2.  A little paragraph explaining who you are and what you do
  3.  2 images of your work.
Email your details to
This is a great project and if you can't make the meetings, remember to keep in touch, so we can keep you updated on the progress. 

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