Tuesday, 22 February 2011

10 minutes on the Couch with local Photographer, Charlie Round-Turner….

I recently attended a local networking event and met Charlie, a local photographer based in Balham. Personally I find it hard selecting a photographer, unless they come recommended, I’m always scared I’ll get someone who doesn’t listen to what I’d like or gives me a lovely radiant mist around the boarder of the photo, keeping with the 1960/70’s era were they are stuck . But when I checked out Charlie’s work I thought it was too good not to share on the blog, here is Charlie’s 10 minutes….

Charlie, how did you get into Photography?
I think I’d always been interested in photography, but got the chance to really get into it when I started teaching English in Japan. I was first based at an arts-specialist school that had a well-equipped darkroom and photography teachers. I was also inspired to take photos of the culture & scenery of Japan and other parts of Asia.

Do you use a standard SLR or a digital SLR?
I started using a film SLR but now I use a digital SLR, which is much easier. Firstly there’s no dark room processing involved and it’s much easier to make copies and touch up the photos.

I’ve checked out your website and it has some really beautiful photographs, what makes your pictures unique?
Obviously all photographers consider light and composition, these are really important to me, but I think what makes my photos unique are that I also try to show the emotion of the people I’m photographing.

What do you most enjoy about your job?
Simply, creating great images, but I also really enjoy meeting and interacting with people from different walks of life.

Have you ever thought about teaching photography?
Yes, I have a teaching background, but it is just finding the time to plan good courses and schedule them in.

What advise would you give to someone wanting to start a career in photography?
It’s tough, practice as much as you can, do some introductory courses. As well as learning photography, if you’d like this to be your career I’d suggest also learn the ins and outs of business and marketing, important skills if you’d like to get your work out there. It is also really important to network and try to get some on the job experience with an established photographer.

You’ve chosen your 3 best photos of the moment, can you describe why you pick these photos?
Married couple on Millennium Bridge. My current favourite, but this changes frequently! I like the graphic shapes of the modern architecture and the drama of the couple against the sky
I am a particular fan of black & white photos, but when the colours are great… I like the introspective look on this little girl's face, too.
I managed to catch a split second moment when the boy was in mid-air as he played around the lovely classic architecture of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Charlie is offering any SW Craft Club reader a free gift worth £50 if you mention SW Craft Club when you contact him.

Check out Charlie’s website at: www.charlieroundturner.com for more info. 
He can also be contacted on Tel: 07814106561 or via twitter @charlieRTphoto

If you'd like to do a photography course, Zoom In are based in Oval and have a number of different courses available and very reasonable prices:

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