Monday, 6 February 2012

Valentine's Tutorial - Post 1/2

Valentines day is less than 2 weeks away and as I’m not fond of the commercial stance the day of Lurve has taken, I’ve spent the last few weeks making the gift, card and a special little table decoration for a romantic meal for two.

This week’s tutorial is a quick, easy and will look good on any table, not just for valentines, but any occasion.

I’ve been dying to try frosted glass spray and Romantic centre pieces seemed to be the way to go, it’s very easy to use and I think I may have been a little too experimental with my attempt, but below is another example to give you a clearer image.


Frosted glass spray
Glass – I used old jars, which I washed the labels off. But the spay can also be used on drinking glasses, mirrors and windows etc.
Scissors & paper
Pric stick 

Start by designing and cutting out an image to go onto the glass. In my experience the more basic the better, I chose True Love and a heart but the words didn’t come out as clear as I would have liked.

Pric stick is the best glue to temporarily stick the paper to glass. Pric stick doesn’t stick to glass but it will hold your image there long enough to spray the glass frosting over.

As not to gas myself whilst spraying the jars, I sprayed mine outside and they needed 3 or 4 coats of frosting to get a really good frosting effect.

Here are mine, a heart and the word Love - sorry not as clear as I would have liked as I was trying to set the scene on my table but it’s a dark, below is another example.

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