Monday, 9 January 2012

DIY Upcycled Picture Frame

I’ve been inspired, last year I pulled together a pictorial post on chalk boards for our sister site Craft Candy. The post had some great images of modern things people are producing with chalkboards in mind, using slate, blackboard paint, blackboard adhesive or by just recycling an old chalkboard, here’s the link: Craft Candy Chalk post

Before you chuck out your old belongings in January to make way for all of the new Christmas presents, Don't! read my modern interpretation on the very boring chalkboard (how to upcycle something old into something new).

Equipment list
Old picture or mirror with an interesting ornate frame (Warning: do not use a  plain frame, you’ll be disappointed)
Spray paint
Hot glue gun
Blackboard adhesive and of course chalk.

I didn’t have an old picture with a great frame at home and I really struggled to find one in a charity shop which didn’t have an antique price tag attached to it! But and after months of looking, I  eventually  found 3 frames at Columbia road market and with a little haggling I got them for a price which meant I didn’t feel guilty when spray painting them.

Start by taking apart the picture and the frame and washing them both, if like mine, yours are old and dusty, they’ll be filled with lots of dirt and grease which your paint and adhesive won’t stick to.

Spray the frames, they’ll need 2/3 layers of spray paint. But with each layer, spray it lightly and wait for it to dry before applying the next layer. Tip: if you spray too much paint at once it will obviously take longer to dry but also the paint will be too thick and runny!

Whilst you are waiting for the frames to dry stick the adhesive to the picture. The easiest way to do this to draw around the picture onto the reverse of the adhesive and cut it out.  Tip: pay special attention when sticking I ended up with a few bubbles in mine because I stuck it too quickly.
Finally, it’s now time to glue your frame back together. I mainly used a hot glue gun, but one of the frames I had to unscrew and screw it back together again.
old picture upcycled and transformed into a modern chalk board

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