Monday, 28 November 2011

DIY: Gift Wrap

When I first decided to write an introduction to gift wrapping blog post, it was washi tape which inspired me, I’ve just fallen in love with it. washi tape has a similar texture and versatility to masking tape, but that’s where the similarities end. washi tape was founded in 2006 in Japan and its made from rice paper.  It comes in pretty different colours, patterns, designs and widths and is historically used for arts and crafts.

With Christmas just around the corner and some very uninspiring gift wrap on the high street, I started to research DIY gift wrap, with the aim to create something special, which hopefully the recipient will enjoy as much as their gift. It turns out there are a loads of bloggers our there with blogs dedicated to gift wrapping. My favourite gift wrapping blog is The Gifted Blog

Here’s my take on making your own gift wrap, using different techniques and paper ready for this Christmas.

Equipment List

Textured paper
sellotape – for concealed wrapping
Plain gift tags
Twine/ string
Washi Tape – Thank you to the website papermash for donating the washi tape

When picking the gift wrap and tape remember to consider, colours, tone, the occasion you are making it for and the texture of the paper.
I’ve used different textured paper for each of these gift wrapping tutorials to help to inspire you!

Tissue Paper

Parcel Wrap

Plain Paper (or like me a reverse of a poster)

As you can see, each accompanying gift tag has been decorated in a different pattern
Visit the website papermash for more seasonal washi tapes and gift wrap ideas.

Pinterest examples

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