Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cake Pop Crazy!

This weekend I went cake pops crazy! Thanks to Hobbycraft I was able to stock up on everything necessary needed to make pop cakes, it is was great fun.
Cake pops are a quickly growing trend in the UK and now I can see why. They are cute, great for kids, taste great and are easy to make. Actually they were really easy to make, I’m sure my family will be finding them in their stockings this Christmas.
Being my first attempt, I have no shame in telling you that I did make some mistakes along the way, but thankfully nothing that affected the taste or appearance and don’t worry I’ll be sharing them with you, so you don’t make the same faux pas.
Here are mine, follow my quick step by step cake pop tutorial to produce your own.

Coloured chocolate drops
Pre-made icing - I used Betty Crocket Rich & Creamy Chocolate fudge icing
Lollipop sticks
Cellophane covers
Decorations – i.e. sprinkles,etc

Nice and simple bake a sponge, mine was a really simple chocolate sponge.
Don’t let the sponge cool too much as you have to break it down into crumbs and mix in the pre-made icing.
By mixing in the icing it binds the mixture, so you can mould the sponge into the shape you’d like. (there isn’t really a right or wrong amount to add. It depends on how much sponge you have made, but make sure it binds enough that the sponge doesn’t crumble or not too much that it is too sticky)
Once you’ve found the right consistency, start rolling the sponge into balls
Now it starts to get messy! Melt down the chocolate. This is a lot easier than it use to be as the melting can be achieved in the microwave.
 Tip: I divide all of my coloured chocolate into separate bowls and melted as needed so it doesn’t set again.
Setting the lollipop stick in the chocolate ball. Dip the stick into the melted chocolate and pushed into the ball. When the chocolate sets it will set into place.

My Biggest Faux pas was making my balls too big!! My eyes were obviously bigger than what the sticks could handle, so please don’t make the same mistake as me or you will also have trouble getting the ball to stay on the stick!!

Pop your cakes pops into the fridge for an hour to set.
Now for the Fun.. Decorating the Cake pops.
This part is entirely up to you, go as crazy or not as you like here are mine

Oh! it looks like someone is enjoying their food.
Thank you to Hobbycraft for Sponsoring this blog post, to get the ingredients to make your own cake pops, click on the cake pop link: Cake Pops

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