Monday, 1 August 2011

10 Minutes on the Couch with Stars N Scars

Stars n Scars is a quirky jewellery designer, living just outside Tooting and this summer she is  appearing at our summer craft pop-up in Clapham, before our event we got 10 minutes on the couch with her, so we knew what we were letting ourselves in for!

Obvious question, why the Stars N Scars?
stars&scars is named because it describes my main creative source - my hands. Just below my right hand i have a white tattoo of a star. On the palm of my left hand I have an inch long scar from a carpal tunnel operation. So, stars&scars!

We love your products, what took you down the fashion route rather than the silversmith jewellery which you had trained in?
Thank you! I found the traditional silver jewellery market to be very crowded, and I found that it took a long time to make each piece. I love the fashion pieces I make because they are quick, affordable and it’s easy to adapt to new trends. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere! Nature, technology, music... I find inspiration from everything around me. Currently I am working on a new range of colourful resin jewellery with found objects, lots of glitter and colours, things I really love.

Do you have any favourite pieces?
My favourite piece is my pink star cluster necklace, it was one of the first I made for stars&scars and incorporates two of my favourite things – the colour pink,  and stars!

What do you enjoy about jewellery making?
I love how you can be creative in so many different ways. Even if another designer is using the same kind of materials and inspiration as you, there are so many ways to be original and stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a jewellery making disaster story?
Every time I make one of my moustache necklaces is a disaster! They’re so prone to curling up during the heating process, for every one that goes right, maybe five go wrong! So a lot of work goes into those little tashes!

What make and take craft will you be doing at our summer pop-up event?
I will be showing you how to make origami bangles! They can be a bit fiddly, so if your fingers aren’t so nimble, I’ll be showing you simpler paper beads too. Either way you’ll have lovely paper bracelets, and the knowledge to take home!

Describe Stars N Scars in 3 words?
Fun, unique, customisable!

Can you tell us a joke? 
How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
Wi' Jammin
(that’s great but it’s not my favourite... if you visit me on the day I’ll tell you my favourite... it doesn’t work in print!)

Stars n Scars Etsy

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