Monday, 14 March 2011

10 Minutes on the Couch with Lydia the founder of a very cute little tea shop, Earl Gray & Rose in Streatham

Before going to interview Lydia I happen to think about what Streatham meant to me, I use to live in Streatham and I suppose before I mentioned that I had lived there people would be quick to put it down. But and this is a very big BUT! It’s not so bad, I frequently venture back to Streatham because there are simply some shops I can’t do without, for instance…
Krystal Drycleaners – on Streatham High raod (next door to Perfect Blend) half price dry cleaning on the first Wednesday of the month
The abundance of charity shops, for my 10p films and fabrics
Perfect Blend for their fry-up breakfast and freshly squeezed orange juice

And now to add to my “can’t do without” list is Earl Gray & Rose, a tea shop just opposite Streatham Hill train station, it’s a little 1950’s oasis. Coming from a design background, my eyes were wondering all around the room, this little shop is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as soon as you walk in. You do have to pay close attention to the detail, there is so much it’s easily missed, it’s very kitsch from the bunting to the vintage buttons and the handmade jewellery (made by Lydia).. I even had a huge appreciation for the wallpaper!! And Lydia was lovely, here are her 10 minutes….

Why the name Earl Gray & Rose?
I’m a trained florist, which is where the flower element came from and Earl Gray tea is my take on coffee shop.
You are slightly tucked away here on Leigham Court road, how long have you been open?
We opened 4 months ago and the time has flown by.

What made you pick Streatham?
I’m originally from London, but moved away a few years back and when my husband and I decided to move back, Streatham was a good choice for our tea shop, for location and price.

For the past few months we’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Earl Gray & Rose, tell us about yourself?
We are little different and we’ve tried to create a homely feeling, where people can come to feel comfortable, I bake all of the cakes we serve. We want to be part of the community, anyone is welcome.

And you offer craft classes?
Yes, we currently have a regular weekly knitting class on Wednesday 5-7pm, it’s only £5 and includes a cup of tea and cake. We are going to be offering mother & children beading classes and make a tote bag classes. We’ve just ordered 6 sewing machines, which will be great for the classes and they’ll be available for people to drop in and do their sewing by the hour.

Where else makes you unique?
People have committed on the great atmosphere and the food (we aren’t mean with the portions) there is always something going on.

What next?
Now the shop is up and running, we are now focusing on getting the workshops, up and running. We have some great workshops planned.

Check Earl, Gray & Rose out, it’s guaranteed to make you smile, there isn’t a website yet, but they are on twitter if you have any questions @EarlgrayandRose


  1. I think I need to take the day off work just to sit and eat cake here. So glad to see Streatham on the map. :)

  2. The cakes are soooo good! And Lydia and her husband run a mean monthly supper club in Streatham, too -1st one reviewed here:

    I must check out some of the crafty goodness - it's only round the corner and is now the place I take all my friends to debunk those nasty myths about Streatham being all chicken cottages and charity shops.

  3. My friends just moved to Streatham common... must share this with them!


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